Detailing Services

At CleanFleet we offer a wide range of different detailing services. This is just a basic list of the big things that will be done to a truck if you have something in mind you would like done please speak with an employee for details and prices.

  • Steam clean 
  • Acid wash
  • Interior

Polishing Alloy

  • Sand and polish bull bars
  • Buff only bull bars
  • Sand and polish bumper bars
  • Buff only bumper bars
  • Sand and polish tanks
  • Buff only tanks
  • Sand and polish rims
  • Buff only rims
  • Sand and polish tank steps and tool boxes
  • Hand polishing

Paint Work

  • Day cab
  • Cab over & bunk
  • Bonnetted bunk
  • Removal (stickers/ paint/ tar and bugs)